We are passionate about the internet.
We believe that the power of the Internet should be an advantage for your business.
Our website services are designed to give you that advantage, to help you to make your online business the best that it can be.

Website management
See the whole picture & reach for the sky.

A Clear Vision

We take the time to really
understand your business.

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Website development
We are expert at coding and design.

Clean Code

Industry and website standards
coded by hand for your business.

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Website marketing
Your customers are one click away.

Just A Click

Your website deserves to be
the best that it can be.

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Our aim is simple, to make the power of the internet an advantage for your business.

As your technology partner, our success depends on your success. We work hand in hand with you to deliver cost effective web solutions to help and support your business growth.

Passionate about what we do.

We don't just build websites, we put all our passion into everything we do. We create websites you can love. Websites to be proud of. Websites that work for you, not against you.

We are passionate about the internet. We believe that the internet represents the pinnacle of human achievement and the greatest opportunity for business success that has ever existed. Our passion for the internet will become a passion for your website. There are no turnkey or out of the box solutions here. Everything is carefully and lovingly crafted by hand to best represent your business and the way you want your business to work.

We believe your business matters.
  • We will create a website you can love.
  • We can manage your website so you don't have to.
  • We want to promote your website to ensure it's success.
  • We believe your website matters.
  • We know we can make a big difference for you.
Strawberry Stone Website Passion
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Create & Build

Fresh, modern & professional. Website design and development for PC, Mobile and Tablet. We design, create and host websites that work. Websites that convey your marketing message, that convince your customers to buy and that work on any major device. Whatever your goals, our aim is to design and create a website that you can be proud of.

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Manage & Run

As your technology partner we can help you to manage your entire website operation. We can manage your content, your products, your abandoned baskets, your help desk and even your customers. We tailor our management services into a package to suit your budget and your business needs.

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Market & Promote

We are website marketing experts. Whether it is social media management, email marketing or search engine visibility, we can create a package that is right for you. We have all the essential tools for finding customers, reaching them, converting them and to keep them coming back.

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Strawberry Stone Portals

SEO Portal
Our S.E.O. Portal.
Social Media Portal
Social Media Management.
Project Manager Portal
The Project Manager.
Think Tank Portal
Website Think Tank.

Industry leading SEO portal. Analyse your website. Track your search rankings per keyword over time. Monitor your competitors.

Social Media

Shedule your own posts. Manage Twitter, Facebook and Linked posts from one place. Monitor feeds for post content and inspiration.


Manage your projects. Create new projects. Write briefs, set tasks and deadlines, communicate with colleagues and monitor progress.


Useful resources, discussions, FAQ's and online guides to help you with every aspect of your website development.


We believe your business deserves to get it right. That your business deserves to take full advantage of the internet. We can make it happen for you.

We will make your online business the best that it can be.


As part of your team, as your technology partner, as your website services provider, you can tap into our passion, experience and expertise for all things internet.

Trust us, use us and share in our passion.


We believe that the Internet represents the greatest business opportunity you have. We cannot wait to start sharing our passion and making the internet work for you.

Contact us today, and your journey can begin.

Our passion for the internet will become a passion for your website. We believe your business deserves the best.

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